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General Butterfly Valve Seat Selection Guide

There are many factors that influence corrosion and abrasion, therefore always refer to the pressure & temperature charts and corrosion resistant guides or communicate with the factory for professional engineering advice.

EPDM (E) Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer. EPDM has good abrasion and tear resistance and offers excellent chemical resistance to a variety of acids and alkalines. EPDM seats are rated for temperatures from -22°F to 194°F (-30°C to 110°C). It is also commonly called EPT, Nordel, and EPR. EPDM is used extensively in the HVAC industry due to its resistance to polar compounds such as water, phosphate, esters, ketones, alcohols, and glycols. The EPDM material is also applicable for handling concentrated sulfuric acid, 20% sodium hypochlorite (bleach), chlorinated water for swimming pools, and other alkaline solutions. EPDM is not resistant to hydrocarbon solvents and oils, chlorinated hydrocarbons, turpentine, or any other petroleum-based oils.

Buna-NBR (B) Buna-N is also commonly identified as NBR, Nitrile, or Hycar. Buna seats are rated for temperatures from -4°F to 194°F (-20°C to 90°C). It is an excellent general-purpose elastomer suitable for use with air, water as well as most petroleum oils and greases, automotive gasolines (except those which have additives), alcohols and glycols, L-P gases, propane and butane, fuel oils and many other fluids. It also exhibits good abrasion resistance, and excellent resistance to compression set.

VITON (V) Fluorocarbon polymer, also identified as FKM, or FPM. Rated for temperatures 14°F to 320°F (-10°C to 160°C). This material offers higher temperature resistance and outstanding chemical resistance. It is resistant to hydrocarbon products and mineral acids, both dilute and concentrated solutions. It is never to be used in steam applications and is relatively poor in water service.

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General Butterfly Valve Installation, Maintenance
& Repair and Operation Guide

Always ensure butterfly valves are installed, maintained and operated correctly. Failure to do so will limit your butterfly valves efficiency, performance and longevity. View the PDF link below for general information on how to maximize the performance of your butterfly valve.

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Click here to view General Butterfly Valve Installation, Maintenance & Repair and Operating Instructions.

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